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US Dollar 0.7130

Sterling Pound 1.1342

Deutche Mark 0.4996

Swiss Franc 0.6204

French Franc 0.1450

Japanese Yen 0.7111

Deutch Guilder 0.4462

Italian Lira 0.0442


Because the territory of Jordan wasn't blessed with the oil reserves of many other Middle Eastern Nations, the people of Jordan have had to rely on hard work and imagination to have a progressive economy. The current foundation for Jordan's Economy is based on four sectors; they are the Agriculture, Industrial, Tourism, and Construction sectors.

The biggest employer in the private sector is agriculture. The major agriculture products in Jordan are tobacco, olives, and fruits and vegetables. Nearly all of the tobacco and fruits and vegetable that are produced locally are also consumed locally. The Olive industry is perhaps growing the most quickly due to improved farming techniques where farmers are attempting to use more diverse places to plant olive groves. The government has also undertaken several projects to improve the irrigation system through water exploration and usage. Through these projects the government hopes to decrease the need for importing grain from western nations.

Jordan's Industrial sector relies on the "fertilizer" and "mining and quarrying" industries. From two large phosphate plants a large potash plant Jordan supplies its own needs for fertilizers and exports large quantities of fertilizer as well. The fertilizer industry provides Jordan with its most important cash export. Jordan also has a strong mining and quarrying industry. This industry provides the stone and cement for all of Jordan's building needs.

The tourism sector is an extremely important asset in Jordan's economy. It is a main supplier of cash income for the Jordan economy. Through its many natural and ancient sites Jordan provides a visual feast for visitors worldwide. The government is currently attempting to develop and modernize tourist sites in Jordan.

The last important economic sector is the construction sector. The Construction sector not only provides current employment for manual laborers and investment into the economy, but indicates future economic growth. Many of the current construction projects consist of factories, hotels and other buildings that will provide employment for other Jordanians.

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